Tips For Packing Your Desk For A Move

Offices don't change locations very often. However, when they do, the managers usually only hire movers to pack up large items, such as the actual desks and file cabinets. They understandably leave it up to the employees to pack up the contents of the desk itself. If your office is moving, make the transition smooth by following some of the following tips.

Sort Your Papers

Typically, you'll have a lot of papers and files on your desk. You may be tempted to put them in a pile in a box and sort through them at the new office. However, now is a good time to get organized.

Make three piles of papers on your desk — one to keep, one to throw away, and one to shred. Depending on your office's policies, the last pile is mostly for papers containing sensitive information. As you're sorting your papers into the three piles, remember that you can always reprint at the new office, which might be easier than packing and unpacking papers.

Pack Personal Items Separately

Most office workers incorporate mementos into their office space. One of the first steps you'll want to take is to remove all your personal items and pack them separately. You may even just take them home to re-evaluate which mementos deserve space on your new desk. Otherwise, label the box clearly, and don't forget to use padding for breakable items.

Donate Unneeded Supplies

You'll probably need the same basic supplies at your new office. However, you'll have an easier job of moving if you get rid of some of the surplus.

Put all opened containers aside and evaluate what you have left. If your office allows the practice, the Spruce recommends donating some of the surplus you've kept at your desk. Definitely donate the opened containers if possible because they'll be hard to pack.

Use Specialty Moving Boxes

Moving an office may be new to you, but it's not to packing companies. They have specialty boxes for all kinds of office items. For example, consider specialty file boxes for your important documents. Usage of such a box makes the important files easy to find at your new office.

When it comes to electronics, you want to pack them in their original boxes when possible. If you don't have access to the original boxes, you definitely should use specialty boxes with adequate padding. Talk to your office manager about the company's preferred protocol.

Make the transition to your new office a breeze with how you pack up your desk. To learn more, contact a company like Changing Spaces Inc.

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Offices don't change locations very often. However, when they do, the managers usually only hire movers to pack up large items, such as the actual des

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