How To Arrange Your Pass-Through Dining Room

A pass-through dining room is one where people have to walk through your dining room in order to get to other parts of your home. Pass-through dining rooms often have one or two doorways that lead to other rooms, creating a walkway through the room. These styles of dining rooms are common in pre-war buildings.

Here are some furniture tips for this type of room.

Pick the Best Table

In a pass-through dining room, one of the best types of tables to use is a round dining room table. A round dining room table will provide you with plenty of space in order to walk around the table. A round dining room table will also allow you to seat a large number of people in a small space. You should be able to fit a table that will accommodate up to eight people around the table.

Pick the Best Chairs

In a pass-through dining room with a round table, you only have a small amount of room to work with. If you want to be able to fit eight people around your dining room table, you need to use chairs that don't take up a lot of space. Go for armless chairs to put around your dining room table. This will allow for more space in the room overall and will allow you to seat more people at the table.

Add a Buffet

When it comes to making the most of the space, put a small buffet on one of the long side walls, right behind your table. This will give you a place to store kitchen items and will give you a place to set extra items, which can be really nice when you are entertaining.

Add a Small Sofa

With a pass-through dining room, the dining room is divided into sections, with the larger section where you put your table, then the walk through area, and then a smaller space on the other side of the walk-through area. Take advantage of that small space and turn it into something functional. Add a small sofa to that area. A small sofa will give you an extra place to sit and relax. You could also put a little settee or bench there as well.

Add a Rug

Finally, you'll want to add a rug. The best place to put a rug in a pass-through dining room configuration is right under your table. Choose a sturdy rug that can handle chairs moving on it and that doesn't stain easily.

For more information about furniture options, contact a local furniture store.

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A pass-through dining room is one where people have to walk through your dining room in order to get to other parts of your home. Pass-through dining