3 Tips For Choosing A Living Room Sofa

The living room is an important part of your home. In most households, this space is where you and your family gather throughout the day, so you should want furniture that is functional and stylish. Unfortunately, many people struggle purchasing the right sofa for their home's design and family's needs. If you are currently shopping for a new sofa, here are a few tips.

Size Matters

Size matters for a few reasons. For example, you want a sofa that provides enough seating space for your family, but you do not want it so large that it is an eyesore in your living room. Thankfully, there is a way to calculate what size sofa would be best.

When furnishing the living room, be sure there is between 3.5 and 10 feet of space between seating so everyone has enough room to sit and conversate with ease. Also, if there is a TV in the living room, the sofa and TV should be spaced about 7 feet from one another. Finally, make sure there is about 18 inches between the sofa and your coffee table.

Once you have these measurements, you can mark out a section of space for your sofa and use this outline to determine what size would be best for your living room.

Focus on Fabric

Choosing the right fabric should also be a focus. Most people are surprised to see the different types of upholstery available when shopping for a sofa. If you are ordering a custom sofa, there will most likely be an even larger number of options to choose from.

The right fabric will ensure your sofa is comfortable and appealing, but it will also help your sofa last as long as you choose a durable upholstery.

Leather is a great option to consider because of its classic appeal and durability. If you have pets or children in the home, this durability will be beneficial.

If you prefer a softer look, but still want a durable fabric, opt for a synthetic material, such as microfiber. Available in a wide array of colors, microfiber can be an attractive and comfortable option that stands the test of time.

Check the Frame

The size and fabric are key components, but the right sofa that works for your living room and family's needs will also require a high-quality frame.

Hardwood frames are ideal because they are made out of solid wood. Avoid sofas with frames made out of softwoods, such as pine, since this wood can warp and wobble over time.

Also, frames made out of particleboard or metal are not wise options. Particleboard and metal may both warp and bend, decreasing the function and overall look of your sofa.

For more information, visit a furniture store in your area.

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