Three Types Of Doors That You Can Find On An Entertainment Center

When you shop for a wall entertainment center that will house your TV, receiver, DVD player, gaming console, and other digital components, you generally have the choice of buying a unit that has an open front or one that has doors across its front. There are advantages for both styles, and each can work for different reasons in your home. If you're leaning toward an entertainment center with doors, a little digging will reveal that there are a number of types of doors that you can find. Here are three types of doors that are common on these units.

Hinged Doors

It's common to find hinged doors incorporated in the design of different entertainment centers. In this style, there are typically two doors that swing open, thanks to hinges along the unit's outer frame. Hinged doors on an entertainment center are easy to open, but the one potential drawback is that they can restrict the viewing angle of people watching TV when the doors are extended in the "open" position. You'll generally find, however, that a lot of hinged doors swing open and then slide back into the unit on a pair of tracks to help you avoid this problem.

Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are also common on entertainment centers. There are many different specific styles, but you might come across a unit that has large, barn-style doors that hang from a durable rod that spans across the top of the front of the unit. This functionality is similar to a sliding door that you may have in your home. This is another type of door that is easy to operate and can create an appealing look in your home.

Roll-Up Doors

Although perhaps not as common as hinged and sliding doors, roll-up doors are possible to find on some entertainment centers. Generally, this type of unit has a single door that you can open by sliding it upward. The door rolls up into the roof of the unit, remaining out of sight until you wish to roll it back down to cover the TV. While the functionality of this type of door is relatively straightforward, your children may have trouble with it because they lack the height that is necessary to completely push the roll-up door out of the way.

As you evaluate different entertainment centers, look for a door style that suits you and your family in terms of look and functionality.

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