What's Your Style? How To Choose The Furniture Set That Suits You Best

Whether you're shopping for your first set of furniture or you've decided to replace your existing furniture, shopping for furniture can feel a little overwhelming. How do you know what style of furniture will work best with your home and your personal style? Becoming familiar with the various styles of furnishings will help you choose the type best suited for you and your home.


Furniture that falls into the contemporary category is typically monochromatic in color. Materials commonly found in contemporary furniture include leather, vinyl, plastic, and steel. Contemporary furniture is often used in rental homes because of its timeless appeal.

If you prefer a look that is clean, stylish, sleek, and uncomplicated, contemporary may be a good fit for you. Its simple look makes it a great fit for small homes or apartments. It will work well with most home interior designs.


Traditional furniture is a type many people grew up with. It provides a cozy and homey look. Plaid or floral fabric is often used for chairs and sofas in this style of furniture, although furniture sets often use a combination of neutral and patterned fabrics. Mahogany and cherry wood and brass and bronze metals add to the warmth of this style when used in accent pieces.  

If you love an old-fashioned look that is warm and inviting, traditional furniture is a great fit for you. However, if your living space is small, the patterns in traditional furniture can be overwhelming and may be a better choice if you have large rooms.


It's easy to confuse rustic with traditional, but the styles are different. Rustic is nature-inspired and unspoiled, and natural materials are at the heart of rustic design. Timber, natural animal hides, and fabrics, such as cotton and linen, are used in rustic style furnishings.

If you like a look that's in tune with the great outdoors and makes you feel surrounded by nature, rustic will likely be a great fit for your home. However, rustic furniture can be heavy and bulky, which may make it difficult to move if you enjoy rearranging your furniture.


Bohemian or boho style furniture is a style that's gaining in popularity and with good reason. It's bold and exciting, and nearly anything goes when it comes to boho style. You will find bright and colorful fabrics in pink, orange, teal, mustard, and deep shades of red when shopping for Bohemian style furnishings.

If you like to do things your way, the fun and energizing boho style may by the perfect partner for your home. It's good for creative souls who like to break tradition, and you don't have to worry about matching anything.

Shopping for a new furniture set should be fun and exciting, not overwhelming and stressful. Being familiar with furniture styles will help narrow down your options. Putting fads and popularity aside, and choosing what truly appeals to your unique personality, will help you find the perfect furniture fit for you and your home.

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Whether you're shopping for your first set of furniture or you've decided to replace your existing furniture, shopping for furniture can feel a little