Decorate A Wooden Or Metal Pergola

A pergola is an outdoor structure that contains vertical posts and a metal or wooden lattice that is attached to the top of the structure. Vines can be planted next to a pergola and trained to wrap around the posts and lattice. Lighting can also be added to various parts of a pergola. If you have decided to install a pergola on your property, try one or both of the decorating strategies below. 

Cover A Sidewalk And Plant Vines

Add a pergola to the end of a sidewalk leading to the front or back of your home. A stable surface that doesn't contain any rocks or loose debris will be necessary so that the ends of the pergola posts can be inserted into the ground. Purchase vine plants that have large, dark-colored leaves so that after plants have grown larger, they will cover openings in the lattice.

Plant each vine next to one of the pergola's posts. To train the vines to wrap around the posts and lattice, aim the tops of the vines toward the pergola and gently wrap the vines around the base of each post. As the vine plants continue growing, they will naturally cling to the wooden or metal structure and will grow upward as they continue wrapping around the pergola. 

Create A Tiki Bar And Add Lighting

An outdoor tiki bar will provide you with the perfect opportunity to serve guests their favorite cocktails and snacks while they are enjoying the fresh air during a warm summer night or cool and crisp autumn afternoon. A pergola that contains vertical posts that have a wide base can be set on top of a deck or patio to create the covering for the tiki bar.

Afterward, a small bar set that consists of a lightweight, sturdy bar and stools can be placed underneath the pergola. Use LED light strings or drop lighting to enhance the outdoor feature. Light strings can be wrapped around portions of the lattice, and drop lighting can be anchored to the edge of the lattice or the pergola's posts. Invest in a small utility cart and use it to transport beverages from your kitchen to the outdoor bar. 

Make sure that you are using lighting that is designated for outdoor use and keep in mind that the tiki bar should be erected next to a power source so that you can plug the lights in when desired. Explore your options from companies like Outdoor Patio Design.

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