3 Tips For Keeping Your Upholstered Furniture In Excellent Condition

Upholstered furniture pieces are beautiful, comfortable, and they are a great decor option for several rooms in your home. However, if you'd like to keep your upholstered furniture in the best condition possible, there are certain things that you should do. Here are three tips. 

Keep Them Out Of The Sun 

A simple, yet effective way to keep your upholstered furniture in excellent condition is to keep it out of the sun. When upholstered furniture is placed in the sun, it is much more likely to fade, which can also cause the material to become thin and worn. Try to avoid placing your upholstered furniture next to windows where the light is often shining in and instead place them against windowless walls, or more to the middle of the room. 

Use A Soft Brush Vacuum Attachment 

Upholstered furniture can gather a lot of dirt and dust from the air, from human skin, and simply from everyday use. If you let these particles sit on your cushions, they can build up over time and begin to stain your upholstery. A great way to keep this dust to a minimum and to reduce the risk of staining, you can vacuum your upholstery on a regular basis. In order to protect the fabric, make sure that you use a soft brush vacuum attachment that brushes out the dirt and dust, without causing any damage to the material itself. Depending on how often the furniture is used, and how dusty the air is in the room that it is stored, you may want to vacuum your couch weekly or bimonthly. 

Steam Clean Them Regularly 

While vacuuming your furniture is an effective method for keeping it clean, sometimes it needs a bit of a deeper cleaning. This is when you should consider using a steam cleaner. A steam cleaner can get deep into your furniture by using steam to extract the dirt and dust particles that the vacuum can't quite reach. It is also effective at removing stains caused by foods and drinks that may have gotten into the fibers of your fabric. The key to using a steam cleaner on your upholstery is to move slowly enough to allow the steam to extract, but quick enough so that the furniture doesn't become saturated by the steam. It is also effective to go over a stained area more than once, so as to ensure that all of the build-up is pulled from the fibers of the material. 

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