Furnishing A Home From Scratch? 3 Things To Consider

Moving into a new home can be expensive. Not only do the new homeowners have to now make mortgage payments, but there are a variety of other costs that come with buying a home. Things like last minute repairs, closing costs, and other fees can add up quickly. Another cost that many don't consider when buying their home is that of new furniture. This is especially a problem when furnishing a home from scratch. For those who are looking to completely furnish their new home, here are three things to consider.


The first thing that any new homeowner should do is come up with a budget. There is no set amount that should be set aside for choosing furniture. Many experts suggest spending between 10 and 50 percent of the price paid for the home on furnishings. While these numbers may be good guidelines for some, homeowners should spend what they can afford on home furnishings. It's also important to prioritize furniture that will be used the most. For example, most homeowners will have a greater need for bedroom furniture before purchasing a formal dining room set. 

The Size Of The Home

Another thing to consider when purchasing furniture for a home is the size of the home. Large rooms and high ceilings will look best with larger furniture pieces. Small spaces will look larger and more spacious with furniture that fits the scale of the room. It's also important to measure doorways and other entry points in order to ensure that any furniture that is purchased will be able to fit in the home. Homeowners should have these measurements on hand when heading to a home furnishing store. 

Hidden Costs

Another thing that homeowners should know is that the sticker price on a piece of furniture is often going to be less than what they actually pay. While the actual piece of furniture may cost a set amount, there are other costs that may be added later. Delivery fees in particular can easily tack on an extra couple hundred dollars. Some furniture, especially large pieces, may need to be assembled within the home. The average cost of furniture assembly is $120. Other costs that may take homeowners by surprise include furniture and fabric protection plans. Customizing a piece of furniture can also increase the price tag.

Furnishing a home from the bottom up can be pricey. Homeowners should come up with a reasonable budget and prioritize purchasing the most important pieces first. The size of the home should also be considered. Room measurements and the measurements of doorways and other openings can come in handy when looking at furniture pieces. There are also additional costs, such as delivery fees and protection plans, that can increase the total cost of a piece of furniture. For more information, talk to companies like Chris Furniture Inc.

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