Interior Design Tips For Your Home's Small Living Room

If you just bought a house that you love but has a small living room and you are struggling with how to decorate it, then these professional interior designer tips will help you:

Tip: Paint the Room with a Light, Bright Color

The first thing you need to decide when designing your small living room's design scheme is its paint color. While you can paint a larger living room in a dark or bold color, you should avoid doing so when painting a smaller space. Instead, choose a light and bright color, such as yellow or off-white. To create added interest with the paint, select one wall and paint it a bright color to attract the eyes.

Tip: Every Piece of Furniture Should Perform Double Duty

When you purchase furniture for your smaller living room, each piece should do double duty. For example, choose end tables and seating that offer drawers or hidden compartments for storage. You might also think about skipping a coffee table since they take up a lot of floor space and don't really serve much of a purpose.

Tip: Install Overhead Lighting

While your living room's design plan needs to include lighting, you should avoid planning for floor or table lamps. Since floor and table space is at a premium in a smaller space, you should install overhead lighting in your living room. For additional lighting, you can also install some wall sconces that can be turned on and off, depending on how the room is being used.

Tip: Hang Artwork High and Low to Maximize Wall Space

Most interior designers will advise you to hang your artwork at eye level around your living room. However, when you are decorating a smaller space, you should maximize the wall space and make it appear larger by also hanging your art up high and down lower than you normally would.

Tip: Hang Curtains Up Near the Ceiling

Finally, you should install curtains on the windows of a smaller living room rather than miniblinds or wood shutters. However, rather than hanging the curtain rods just about the top of the windows, instead, hang them up near the ceiling and purchase curtains that hang all the way down to the floor. By hanging curtains that go all the way from the ceiling to the floor, you will help add visual height to the room, and this will make it appear larger.

For more tips and help with decorating your small space, consider contacting local interior design services, like K & N Urban on May.

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