Law & Order: Dos And Don'ts For Decorating Your Law Office

Congratulations! You've gone to school, passed the bar exam, and have now been hired to work in a legal office. If you are lucky enough to have an office of your own, decorating is important. You will be meeting with clients and other lawyers, so conveying the appropriate image is vital. Here are a few dos and don'ts for creating an approachable but authoritative presence in your office:

Do create an intriguing color palette.

The color palette you choose for your office should be professional without being stuffy. Create a comfortable environment for your clients by selecting colors that you connect with.

Do not hang silly certificates on the wall.

It's totally normal to hang up bar admission certificates, but anniversary certificates are a bit silly. You can think of them as similar to "employee of the month" certificates. People will glean all the necessary information from the standard bar admission plaque.

Do use shelves to eliminate clutter.

Shelving is great for holding books as part of a makeshift law library, and it also tidies up your office for a time when you need to clear up desk space in a pinch.

Do not hang up anything from high school.

High school photos and old college jerseys are neat to keep in a memory box, but probably not in your legal office. These items may offer a personal connection to you, but clients may be put off by a less-than-mature display.

Do hang up artwork you connect with.

Personalize your office with artwork that you feel a connection with. It can be a conversation piece with clients without being too controversial. Local artwork is an especially good idea.

Do get creative with your desk.

A marble-topped table creates a stylish desk that will not be overstated.

Do not display political or religious material.

It's all well and good to have your own beliefs, but understand that displaying this material may alienate you from potential clients.

Do add color with plants.

You can use hanging plants, bamboo plants, or colorful flowers to add a pop of greenery to your office. This makes your office feel fresh rather than stale.

Do use a laid-back guest chair.

Rocking chairs tend to make people feel less anxious, and clients are often coming in to the office feeling scared and uncertain about the future. If you aren't into rocking chairs, consider something else that allows your client or guest to feel comfortable.

Do use multi-purpose furniture.

Furniture that offers dual or triple uses is a great choice. For instance, why not purchase an ottoman that can double as storage? Save space with this hidden storage option.

There are so many decoration and furniture options out there. The way you choose to decorate your law office is important, as it will certainly send a strong message to clients and other guests. Contact companies that provide furniture for law firms for more info.

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