Sleeping Solutions For A 500Sq Studio Apartment

If you are planning on moving into a studio apartment, then it is important that you consider how you're going to sleep. If you've always spent your time in 1 bedroom or larger homes, then you might not appreciate just how tight space can be. If you go into the move with the idea that you can layout the room without being very particular, you're going to be greatly disappointed. Sleeping arrangements are particularly difficult. You need a bed, unless you imagine yourself sleeping on a couch. But because beds can be large and take up space, you need to be careful about what sort of furniture you choose. So, with that said, here are three modern furniture solutions to the issue of a bed in a 500sq studio.

A Modern Convertible

A spin on the classic convertible is a great choice for studio owners. These pieces of furniture double as couches so that, during the day, the room is not filled up with a huge bed. You can convert it by opening it up and folding out the bed at night. The modern convertibles are much more comfortable then the old ones that you might have remembered from your childhood. The modern ones are made by furniture designs who have an eye towards aesthetics as well as function, so you don't end up with a hulking item that does not look too nice. The modern convertibles will look like a beautiful couch during the day, and an amazing bed at night.

A Modern Wall Bed

These are really cool if you don't want a couch/bed combo. These items are designed to be placed up against the wall. They are closed up during the day, and then you open them up and pull the bed down at night. The beads are disguised to look like cabinets during the day. With the popularity of these wall bed designs, modern furniture designers have expanded on the old style. The modern designs are very sophisticated and will be a great addition to any studio where your goal is to create a sleek, modern look.

A Platform Bed Frame With Storage

If you don't like the idea of a bed that transforms from a couch, or pulls down from the wall, then you should just go ahead and get a regular mattress, but make sure to pick a platform for the bed that will have storage. This way you at least are able to store towels, comforters, and other items under the bed and not have to worry about filling up your closet. The draws will help to eliminate the need for a bureau, which is a great way to save space in the studio.

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