Bottom Line Luxury: Three Steps To Fixing Up A Salvage Luxury Vehicle

If you desperately want to own a luxury vehicle, but you cannot afford the car payments on a luxury vehicle, you can get a car in other ways. If you are on a bare bones budget, you can find a luxury vehicle at a salvage yard. If you are willing to put some time and effort into finding a car, you should look for a luxury vehicle that has no electrical or engine issues, only body problems. First, get the body damage repaired, then start on the outside. Here is how you can fix up the inside of a salvage luxury vehicle to look new. 

Rip out old carpets

One of the biggest roadblocks you will have towards the new car smell is the old carpet. Carpet tends to get worn, as the car is used. If the car has been sitting in the salvage yard, it may have the smell of cars that are nearby that linger in the carpets. Have a furniture upholstery company rip out the carpets and fit your luxury vehicle with new carpets. Though vehicle carpeting is typically low and thin, be sure that it can be easily vacuumed and will be hard to destroy with shoes. 

Get the leather seats redone

The best way to give your luxury salvage car a facelift is to redo the leather on the seats. If the seats only have small holes or rips, automotive upholstery repair may be a lot easier and take just a day or two. If the seats have started to wrinkle or have any major problems, the leather should be redone. If you redo the leather, select a neutral color and get your initials or another image in the head of the seats. Be sure that the leather is pulled taut and is soft enough that sitting in the car feels luxurious. 

Install a screen in the dashboard

If the current dashboard of the luxury vehicle does not have a proper screen, get one installed by a car repair company. Putting a screen in the dashboard to run the radio, run the GPS, and operate any other electronics that you wish to install in the car. This may require you having the leather of the dashboard done in order to create space for the screen and the wires to be run. Additional electronics may be able to increase the appeal of the vehicle as well as the overall worth of the car. 

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