Three Trendy But Useful Furniture Pieces Your Tiny Home Needs

There are many benefits to moving into a tiny home—including less clutter and a lower cost of living—but one of the major drawbacks is that these homes can be tough to furnish. Every piece of furniture you buy must be flexible and serve multiple purposes to maximize the space. Here are three trendy by useful pieces that will help you make the most of your tiny home while letting you express your personal style.

Popup Coffee Table

Take out two birds with one stone with a popup coffee table. This piece of furniture looks like a regular coffee table. However, part or all of top of the table can be lifted upwards and outwards to serve as a tray table or desk. This is an excellent way to get extra table space for dining or quickly produce desk space for working. Another benefit to this type of table is you can find ones that have storage capabilities, letting you place books, pillows, blankets, and other items close at hand but out of the way.

These tables typically come stained or colored. You can find them unfinished, though, which lets you customize the look of the piece to better fit your home's aesthetic.

Stackable Stools

Possibly one of the most challenging aspects of living in a tiny home is ensuring there is enough seating for everyone who resides there or who comes to visit. However, chairs generally aren't as multipurpose as other pieces of furniture and will take up space that could be used for other things such as storage.

One possible solution is to use stackable stools. These stools are designed to sit atop of each other when not in use, which minimizes the amount of storage space they use. They can be pulled out to provide extra seating when needed and easily placed out of the way in a corner or under a table when not needed.

Stackable stools typically don't have backs. If you prefer the more traditional chair style, you can find them in the same stackable style. Be aware, though, that chairs tend to be bigger than stools in terms of width and length and may not be as easily hidden away as stools are. Additionally, depending on the type of stool you purchase, it can double as a table surface, providing more options for decorating or storing items.

Vertical/Horizontal Shelves

When it comes to storing your possessions, you can't go wrong with shelves. The primary benefit of shelving is it lets you make the most of the vertical space in your home that would otherwise go to waste. However, you want to be smart about the type of shelving you invest in.

Possibly the best type for a tiny home is a shelving unit that can be placed horizontally or vertically. There are a couple of reasons for this. First, this type of shelving maximizes placement flexibility. You can put the unit horizontally under a window or stack multiple units side by side vertically to create an artificial wall between rooms.

Second, with a little bit of creativity, this type of shelving can double as seating. Simply lay the shelf horizontally and top with pillows or thick cushions. Just be certain the unit is made from sturdy material, such as thick wood, that can hold a lot of weight. The last thing you want is for the shelf to collapse when someone sits on it.

The typical size of a tiny home is around 500 square feet.  With the purchase of a few key pieces of multipurpose furniture, you can create a beautiful space that fits your needs and preferences. For more ideas on furniture to buy for your home, visit a furniture sales store.

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